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About a month ago, I wrote about some of the gaming podcasts that I was enjoying in Playing By Ear. That was my first introduction to the world of gaming podcasts, but over the last few weeks, I’ve found some additional gaming podcasts that have become my favorites.

  • The Spiel – This podcast was a recommendation of Dani in NC, who said it was her favorite, and it quickly became my favorite as well. The Spiel is hosted by Stephen Conway and David Coleson who seem to be just a couple of really nice guys who love games. The geek factor is just right for me, and they have a regular format with a ton of real content, not just a bunch of yacking. I really can’t say enough about this show.
  • The Boardgamer – This podcast was really enjoyable, and I appreciated the fact it dealt with child and family friendly games. It seems to be on hold for now, but I hope to hear new episodes someday.
  • On Boardgames – I had this wonderful group of friends in high school, and we played everything from Dune to Cosmic Encounter to Nuclear War. I miss those guys a lot, but listening to this podcast is the next best thing to getting to hang out with them again. These four fabulous gaming geeks remind me so much of my high school buddies, sitting around talking about games.
  • Boardgames with ScottScott Nicholson, who is one of the four guys from the On Boardgames podcast, produces a video podcast where he reviews a game and goes into detail on how to play it. This guy is my kind of people. He’s this smart, friendly, goofy and interesting guy that obviously really cares about people having a good time playing games. If you do nothing else for yourself today, check out one of his video podcasts. This guy actually cheers me up when I’m down.

I usually listen to these podcasts when I’m having lunch or when I’m at the gym. I used to hate going to the gym, but I actually look forward to it now because I can keep up with these podcasts.

Give them a listen!

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  1. Great podcast list. I A couple new ones here I did not know about. I have a FULL list of podcasts in my itunes I listen to while I work at home and the couple new ones here will fill out my list nicely 🙂


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