Game of the Month

I’ve decided to add a new monthly feature to the blog. I’m going to announce a game at the beginning of each month, try and play it a few times that month, and also suggest that you folks do the same. Then at the end of the month, I’ll do a review and I’ll include your thoughts about the game as well.

I started thinking about this a few months ago, when some friends and I got on a Power Grid kick, playing it five times over the space of a month or so. I hadn’t played it before that, and I totally sucked my first game, but I ended up winning on my fifth game. It was really nice to be able to explore the game and try new strategies over time.

I don’t intend for this feature to be an All About Game X type of project. I just want to look at a good game, play it regularly for a month, gather some feedback, and then put those thoughts out for discussion at the end of the month.

I’ll try and mix up the game selection, so that they are not all short games or all family games, but chances are not good that I will choose Twilight Struggle or something that I know is not going to hit the table more than once in a particular month.

I also have a secret motive for starting this feature, that I will reveal many months from now, when I can say, “I had this plan…” If it doesn’t work out, I will make something up that sounds like it was an impressive plan.