Game Carnival – November 21, 2007

Welcome to the Tenth edition of the Game Carnival!

The game carnival is happy to present game and gaming related posts from all over the blogosphere. We’ve got a great group of articles for this edition, and it was a real pleasure to check out some great new sites! Step right up, grab a deep-fried-something-on-a-stick, and don’t forget to bookmark your favorites!

Board games

Dani in NC presents Game review: Ghoulash posted at Average Girl Plays, saying, “This is a review of a great pen-and-paper game.”

AnneGlamore presents The Game of Life posted at My Tiny Kingdom, saying, “A mom learns that the game of Life doesn’t teach her boys the lessons she had in mind…”

Gameguys thinks that Anne’s a great mom for trying to teach her boys that life isn’t all about money.

Card games

Jon Swift presents Bridge Too Far posted at Jon Swift, saying, “I had no idea that that the world of competitive Bridge was a hotbed of anti-American feeling.”

Gameguy thinks that this wasn’t really on topic for this carnival, but it was so interesting to read that I just had to include it.

Gameguy presents The T-Shirt Game posted here at Gameguy thinks…, saying, “When a video game night winds up with no video games, Buffalo Games comes to the rescue.”

Video Games

Jigsaw hc presents Guitar Hero III Battle Mode Tips and Strategies posted at Jigsaw hc’s Rants & Reviews.

Michael Rosen presents PORTAL posted at The Gaming Critic, saying, “My review of Portal for 360 and PC.”

Ashton presents Why is Call Of Duty 4 so great posted at Blogs Blow Dot..

That concludes this tenth edition of the game carnival. If you are interested in hosting the next edition of the Game Carnival, please leave a comment below. Hosts must have had an article posted in an earlier Game Carnival. The eleventh edition will be posted on December 5th so gather your submissions and let your blogging pals know about the carnival! Any article that deals with gaming is welcome here!

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