Game Carnival – December 5, 2007

Welcome to the Eleventh edition of the Game Carnival!

The game carnival is happy to present game and gaming related posts from all over the blogosphere. It’s a great big gaming world out there and we love all of it! We can sit down and play a classy game of bridge and then get up and blow you to bytes in Halo 3. Step right up and join the fun!

Card Games

Dani in NC presents

Game Review: Pass the Ewe

posted at Average Girl Plays

“A card game for when you need a change of pace from Spades or Hearts.”

Gameguy thinks that anytime you can get someone to pass a stuffed animal around in a card game, you’ve got a winner.

Video Games

Rickey Henderson presents

Just in Case You’d Forgotten How Geeky Rickey Is…

posted at Riding with Rickey

“Here are a few images of Rickey’s recent Halo 3 adventures. Behold: bombast! Space opera! Explosions! Large codpieces!”

Dan-O presents

How to Make Real Life Money in the Second Life Virtual World

posted at – Discover. Inspiring . Media

“People are making millions of real dollars in the virtual real estate business. Are you missing out on the next Web gold rush?”

Michael Rosen presents

Bioshock Review

posted at The Gaming Critic

“One of the most hyped games of 2007, Bioshock turned out to be one of many games to live up to most of it’s hype.”

Gameguy thinks he’s going to try this game. It looks really creepy.

Jigsaw hc presents

Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 Impressions

posted at Jigsaw hc’s Rants & Reviews

“The Gravity Gun lets you pick up items and launch then as a high powered projectile. Some of the most fun ones are barrels of gas and saw blades. It never gets old to cut a row of guys in half with a flying circular saw blade.”

Peter Huang presents

Mass Effect

posted at As You Want It

“In Mass Effect, we see sci-fi deep-space awesomeness as the scenes play like a James Bond movie. USA Today has high marks for this game, and looking at the screens I would strongly agree.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents

Brain Teasers: selection of best adult brain games for attention, memory, planning, visual, logic, corporate, math, and more

posted at SharpBrains

“A selection of stimulating online teasers and games”

That concludes this eleventh edition of the game carnival. If you are interested in hosting the next edition of the Game Carnival, please leave a comment below. Hosts must have had an article posted in an earlier Game Carnival. The eleventh edition will be posted on December 22, 2007 at Riding with Rickey, so gather your submissions and let your blogging pals know about the carnival! Any article that deals with gaming is welcome here!

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