Game Carnival – April 13, 2008

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of the Game Carnival!

The game carnival is meant to provide an opportunity to share quality articles that deal with games or gaming. It is meant to open readers to new writers and their blogs.

Alvaro Fernandez presents
Sleep, Tetris, Memory and the Brain
posted at SharpBrains.
Tip Diva presents
Top Ten Tips – Getting Better At Crosswords
posted at Tip Diva.
Geek’s Dream Girl presents
When your halfling has the sniffles and your gnoll chooses mental impairment over D&D?
posted at Geek’s Dream Girl.
Alvaro Fernandez presents
DriveFit (CogniFit); Brain Fitness Program for Driving
posted at SharpBrains.
Sockpuppetking presents
Saints Row 2
posted at Next Gen Gaming Talk.
Bodhruj Jaman presents
posted at PlayStation Heads.
First Lady Of Poker presents
Women Are Naturals At Poker
posted at Shopping and Poker Blog.
old-wizard presents
Top 10 Video Game Heroes of All Time
posted at

That concludes this seventeenth edition of the game carnival. If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Game Carnival, please leave a comment below. Hosts must have had an article posted in an earlier Game Carnival. The eighteenth edition will be posted on April 26, 2008 at Average Girl Plays. Let’s send Dani some great articles! Let’s get some more boardgame articles in here! Any article dealing with games or gaming is welcome.

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