Fun at Work

Work can be a very stressful environment, and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy attitude. If we could all relax and have a little fun every once and a while, we would all feel much better. Here are some helpful hints for having fun at work

  • When forced to wear a name-tag at a workshop with people you’ve known for years, make up a good fake name like “Helmut Savage” or something. I once went through a two-day training with “Rex Canyon – Stunt Pilot” on my chest.
  • If you are asked to fill out an emergency contact card, well then have some fun. Nothing beats stress like knowing that you’ve listed lycanthropy as a chronic illness. Some of my listed allergies have been: lightning, metaphors, bullets, and the color blue.
  • If you happen to get caught dozing, look at them very seriously and say, “In my dream, you were a giant hamster wearing rollerblades. You weren’t like the other hamsters in the wheels. You had a vision for a better world. You were my hero, hamster-man.”
  • If you’re walking through the office and someone jumps up to come and talk to you, run away like you’re being chased by a tiger. The more terrified you look, the better.
  • Use puppets to help make important points in your next presentation. “Johnny Spanko, what do you think about the third-quarter trends shown in this slide?”
  • Create an imaginary co-worker to whom can give the really terrible assignments. Pick up the phone and say, “Hello, Mr. McCrappy? I’ve got a new job for you.”

I hope these ideas alleviate some stress at work. Incorporate fun slowly into your workday; otherwise, you may stress out your co-workers and be reclassified as a “potentially dangerous loon” and sent to the basement. Hey…. I work in the basement….

Remember: the best of the thirty-nine ancient plans for success is to run away and disguise yourself as a bear.