Faire Days

Good morrow my lords and ladies! Please enter this magical realm of dust and patchouli oil as we turn the wayback machine to the English renaissance as it never was! See the $7.00 turkey leg! Be amazed by our gravity defying bosoms and hand-made costumes of barbarians from the planet Vulcan! Sample the historically questionable renaissance nachos! Join the revels!

Ren Faire
Hailey and I at the faire

I took my daughter, Hailey, to the Northern California Renaissance Faire this weekend, and we had a great time. It was the opening weekend of the faire and Hailey got in free, which was the only bargain of the whole day, let me tell you. Nothing sucks cash out of your wallet like a Renaissance Faire. Hailey had never been to a Renaissance faire before, so it was a treat to just watch her.

I used to participate, every once and a while, in a few of the Renaissance faires in California, including this one, which used to be held in the Bay area. I always had a blast, dressing up and doing street theatre or working in one of the booths. Taking my daughter was obviously a much more tame experience, but I still had a great time. The jousting was much better than I remember, and the big steamed artichokes are to die for.

We were also lucky enough to run into some friends at the faire. We spent the afternoon walking around together with them, and watched probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen at a faire, given by an acrobat-clown-comedian named Moonie. He was amazing.

The best thing about the day was just getting the chance to hang out with my very cool daughter. I treasure all my time with her, and I hope she never gets too cool to hang out with me. She’s the best.


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  1. Money well spent, as it sounds from the fun you both had and the picture speaks volumes, looks like you both had a great time, great memories and all that mushy stuff 🙂

    Buffalo GameBuffs blog

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