My sister-in-law has this game and brought it over one day. Elefun is an activity style game, designed to get kids up and running around as they try and catch butterflys with nets on sticks. The game includes a large blue elephant that houses an electric fan run by four “C” batteries that shoots multi-colored nylon butterflies up through its’ trunk. As the butterflies shoot out of the trunk, the players try to get the butterflies in their nets without injuring each other. The fan is pretty quiet, but good luck on buying those “C” batteries. The unit goes through them quickly.

The kids all thought it was a blast, especially my niece, who is just about the cutest little girl in the world; however, I cannot give Elefun a favorable rating overall. Here are my issues with the game.

  • The butterflies shoot out of this crazy thing like mad. The kids have a moment to try and scoop some in their nets and then they are on the floor. If that was a cool game, then I would just tell each kid to pick a suit in a deck of cards and then throw them on the carpet. First one to pick up all of his or her suit wins. Hmm… maybe that’s not a bad game after all, but the price difference between Elefun and a deck of cards is pretty huge.
  • Because the butterflies shoot out so fast, the game is five seconds of play time and one minute of preparation time, and that’s not a good play/time ratio for me. My sister-in-law ended up throwing the butterflies up in the air herself; otherwise play quickly progresses from jumping up and down to crawling of the floor.
  • The unit doesn’t appear to be very durable, and I suspect those nets won’t last long. The plastic trunk seemed flimsy and would easily be destroyed by any child on a sugar high.
  • Twenty-five dollars is a silly price to pay for something like this. If you get it as a gift, you’re lucky, but don’t plop down twenty-five bucks!

Let me know if your experiences have been better with this game. I would love to have some more feedback on this and other posts. Don’t be shy.

PUBLISHER: Hasbro Games
PLAYERS: 3 – 8 (6 – 8 is best.)
AGES: 3 – 6.
TIME: Short [5 – 10 mins]
PRICE: Medium [$10 – $25] High if $24.99
Gameguy’s rating 1 star = don’t bother ~ 5 stars = must have