Gameguy thinks about Dune

I love this picture. Yes, it’s another cute pet photo like the thousands of other cute pet photos floating around the web, but this one touches my heart in quite a few ways.

It makes me think of how much I like the Frank Herbert novel, Dune. I’ve read it at least six or seven times. I think I was in eighth grade the first time I read it. It was one of those books that changed my perception and altered my view of the world. Maybe I’ll write more about this someday, but for now, let’s just agree I like the book.

It also makes me think of how much I used to enjoy playing the Avalon Hill board game, Dune. It’s still one of my favorite games even though I haven’t played it since 1984 or so. I have a copy, and I’m sure the guys in my game group would love to play it. I just haven’t taken it to a game night yet. I’m a little afraid it won’t be as fun as I remember it.

The photo also makes me think of some old friends, Chris and Jill, who I have totally lost touch with over the last decade. They had these three crazy Siamese cats and they used to wrap them up in blankets and make kitty burritos. They were good friends and I miss them.

Finally, it makes me think of my own kitty, Hodgepodge, who was my constant companion for nearly fifteen years. She’s been gone a couple of years now, but I still think of her and I miss her more than I can say.

In the end, it’s just a cute picture, I guess, but I think it’s funny how a silly image like this one can stir up such strong emotions.

I are dunecat.

2 thoughts on “Gameguy thinks about Dune”

  1. The Siamese “kitty burritos” have sadly all passed on. They did indeed make rather nice little fur burritos all in wrapped up in the pink blankey.

    I am sorry to here about Hodegepodge. Such a sweetie.

    Our best to you and your family! J

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