I love listening to podcasts and I’ve recently started using a new application to do that on my iPhone. Up until a few months ago, I used iTunes to listen to my podcasts and kept everything synced on my phone. Typically, I listen to podcasts while I’m driving. My Ford Fiesta has a SYNC function built in and it makes it very easy to listen when I’m on the road. Apple released a podcast app but I had some problems with that one. It would download episodes when I didn’t want it to, and didn’t have some of the options I wanted.

downcastDowncast is now my podcast player of choice. It has all of the options that are important to me.

You manage updates directly through the application without syncing with iTunes. The interface is really clear and easy to use.

You can set it up so that Downcast will only download new episodes when you have an available wireless network.

You can modify the playback at variable speeds. There are a few podcasts that are much better when played at 1.5X speed.

Downcast is available through the iTunes store and is well worth the money, which is $1.99 as I write this. I’m still one of those weirdos that hesitates at spending a buck or two on an app. It’s silly really. Downcast has been great and I’ve caught up on all my favorite gaming podcasts and even discovered a few new non-gaming podcasts that I like.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, give Downcast a try and let me know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “Downcast”

  1. I just realized today that Downcast allows you to modify playback speed both globally and on individual podcasts. I set my playback speed to 1X globally, but then modified a blogging podcast I’m following to 1.25X. Now whenever I listen to that podcast, it will playback at the faster speed. Neat!

  2. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work for me. It subscribed & downloaded podcasts just fine, and I’m sure those playback features such as speed would also work, but I don’t want to use Downcast for playback. You see, most of my podcast-listening is in the car, on my commute, and so I installed a car stereo that has a USB port and playback controls for an iPod/iPhone. This lets me plug in my phone (which also charges it), and select my podcasts or audiobooks to play from the stereo controls, not the phone’s. This is very convenient, and probably a bit safer, too.

    I’m still hoping for the app that will offer the subscription functions of Downcast, but integrate with the native iPod/iTunes/Music app on my iPhone so that I can still control playback through the stereo.

    1. That’s too bad. I don’t have an issue with it but I’m linking through the Bluetooth interface and not the USB interface. When I plug my iPhone into my USB interface, I can ONLY the stereo controls to navigate what I’m hearing, and it’s really difficult.

      Apple makes it very difficult for non-Apple products to do certain things. I had this great alarm app for my phone and I couldn’t use it because only the built in Apple alarm can operate behind other applications.

      Oh, well. It works for me, and I will use it to listen to your next awesome episode! Which is being released…soon I hope?

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