Double Depression

Double Depression occurs when an individual with dysthymia goes through a period of major depression on top of their “normal” depression. It’s like two scoops of ice cream on your doom and gloom waffle cone.

I have vanilla bean and praline on mine.

I know that only a slow and steady return to creative activity will move me out of this deep chasm of I-don’t-give-a-crap, where I’ve lived for a couple of months. I’ve got great ideas, but I’m having trouble getting things going. I’ve got a children’s book that is written and I’m just waiting for the artist to finish up the layouts. I have two games that are at the preliminary design stage and I have no clue what to do with them now. I also have emails that have gone unanswered and a cluttered garage.

I’m having trouble sleeping with my CPAP machine, which means I’m getting very little deep sleep, and the operation I had back in October was a complete waste of time.

My waffle cone is large and crunchy, yet I will pull myself out of this double depression and at least get back to my normal depression before February 29th. On that wonderful extra day I will reflect on my efforts.

4 thoughts on “Double Depression”

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  2. From someone who’s been there:

    – Read the Depression FAQ, especially part 4
    – Give simple and concrete acts of kindness and generosity to other people
    – Eat and exercise
    – Talk to a therapist or a good friend who can act like one
    – Hang in there


  3. Well I personally hope that you are back to a more normal mood before feb 29th. I too was hoping 2008 would start better for myself but I’m still plugging away and have hope. I also have hope, from reading all your posts that you are a very creative type person and I can’t wait to see and read more from you.


  4. I really appreciate the good thoughts and advice. I will keep plugging away at it. I’m trying to exercise more often and I’m trying to get some projects started.

    Thanks again.

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