Disclosure Policy

I have no aspirations of being a professional blogger; however, this blog features product reviews, affiliate links, and a small amount of advertising. Therefore, I will follow the guidelines for bloggers as put forth by the FTC.

You may trust the following of the content presented in gameguythinks:

  • If I have received a review copy of a product or service, then I will indicate that this is the case in the body of the review. Otherwise, all products or services that are reviewed have been purchased.
  • Sending me a review copy of your product or service does not guarantee that I will write a review of it. I don’t like writing negative reviews. What might not be my cup of tea may be your favorite game of all time, and I love this hobby way too much to bring it down in any way.
  • I will not sell or trade review copies of games that are sent to me, but I might give them as gifts or offer them as prizes in contests.
  • I will only promote affiliate links that are valuable to my readers. I will not endorse a product or service that I do not or have not used myself. I may not always note the use of an affiliate link.
  • Every contest or giveaway is paid for by myself, unless I state otherwise.

Thank you for your support.