Disc Drivin

Disc DrivinI tend to rotate game applications on and off my iPhone, but Disc Drivin’ has been in regular use for more than a year now. I’m not a big fan of flicking games in the real world, but this virtual version of PitchCar suits me perfectly. Players race on one of many tracks, using a flicking motion to propel your disc along the path. The game physics are excellent and the sound effects, while simple, are satisfying. There is even a great sound of air whistling by if you fall off of the track. Did I not mention that the racetracks appear to be a mile above the ground? Of course they are! Why wouldn’t they be?

Players take turns flicking their racing discs along the track, looping it a total of three times. First disc over the finish line is the winner. Players can also access a variety of special abilities that they can use to either further their progress or mess with other players. These abilities are fueled by power gained from travel, so you can’t use them every turn. You can steal a little bit of power from your opponents if you bump into them, but you lose all of your accumulated power if you fall off the track.

Disc Drivin Screen Capture

Check out the screen capture for a list of the available powers. I tend to stick with Turbo, but Mark “Boardgames To Go” Johnson is a notorious bomb and oil slick dropper. I think my son enjoys using the powers more than he likes flicking the racing disc. When it’s his turn, he clicks through each choice before he flicks his racing disc. He, like his favorite rocket scientist, is a little too fond of dropping bombs.

You can play Disc Drivin’ as a pass-and-play game, which is how I tend to play it with my family. You can also play with friends online, taking your turn as it comes up. I don’t think it goes through the regular game center application. I think you just register a user name and then make sure your friends know who you are. You can even play against random opponents, but I’ve never tried it. I like playing with folks I know. That way I can use the comment function for trash talking!

There are two versions of Disc Drivin’. One is free, but after a month or two of play, I got tired of the ads and went for the paid version. It’s well worth the small price.

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