Dice Tower 1.0

Dice Tower ProjectI’ve been wanting to make a dice tower since the last time I sat down to play Commands and Colors: Ancients. My friend Scotty and I were at my dining room table with our pieces all laid out on the map and we really had a hard time rolling the large clunky battle dice that come with the game.

I thought that I would try and make a dice tower of of foamboard like the one seen at Instructables, but once I cut out the pieces, I realized how silly it was that I wasn’t just making it out of wood. The foamboard was a pain to cut and it seemed silly to go into all of that post-construction work just to make the outside look good.

I decided just to design my own tower using some craft wood, making the cuts with my compound miter saw. The basswood I bought was inexpensive and is a nice light soft wood with a fine straight grain. I got a couple of planks that were 3/16″ x 4″ x 24″ for about $8. I also used a piece of scrap trim from a doll house I built a couple of years ago and a piece of adhesive felt I had sitting around.

I kept the design of the dice tower very simple with almost no ornamentation other than the fancy piece of trim from the doll house. I figured if I wanted to get fancy, I would just make another one. The tower is approximately 7″ tall and about 8″ long from back to front. The ledges for the dice to tumble down were made from the leftover cuts from the longer sections, which made it easy to fit everything together when I was gluing it. I thought about using some of the tiny nails I had, but the wood glue holds everything together just fine. I used the adhesive felt to line the tray and the ledges so that it wasn’t so dang loud.

That’s about it. Total time for the project, not including driving to the hobby store and waiting for the glue to dry, was about two hours. It was really great to start a project and finish it in the same day. It made me feel pretty good and got me out of a minor funk that I had fallen into. I was really happy with how it turned out, and I will probably make another one in a few weeks and try and make it fancy. Maybe I’ll put crenellations at the top edge or cut out some small windows if I can figure out an easy way to do that. I’m excited to try and improve upon my design.