Desert Island Games

Here’s a new twist on an old question. Assuming that you are stranded on a desert island with a bunch of your friends with enough essential supplies to meet all of your survival needs, what ten games would you wish to find hidden in a trunk that washes up on the shore? Yes, I do realize that this is a very clumsy and stupid way to ask a simple question; however, asking someone to list their ten favorite games and asking them to list ten games that would be the ONLY games they could play for a while are two very different questions in my opinion.
Here are my ten desert island games:

  1. PLAYING CARDS – This is obvious really. There are so many great card games. I’m a big fan of Bridge.
  2. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS – Don’t judge this one until you have tried it.
  3. SCRABBLE – The ultimate word game.
  4. SETTLERS OF CATAN – One of my favorite games ever.
  5. BACKGAMMON – Simple and fun.
  6. DUNE – Out of print game from Avalon Hill. Obscure, but hey it’s my list!
  7. RISK – So many hours in college were spent playing this game instead of studying. I’m such a geek.
  8. ILLUMINATI – Published by Steve Jackson Games, this is a great game about taking over the world.
  9. MAGIC THE GATHERING – The first collectible trading card game and still the best.
  10. MONOPOLY – I’m not sure if I even like this game, but seeing a box of games without it would just be weird.

I hope that this gets you thinking about what games you really love to play. I’m sure I will think of some game that I’ve forgotten to list, but that’s what comments are for, right?

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