Depression: Third Door on the Left

Have you ever been on a road, and you knew it was the wrong road, but you just didn’t know where to turn around? I know that I am on the express train to another major episode of depression, and I know I need to do something to prevent said episode, but I just don’t know how to get off of the train right now.

I have too many obligations to suddenly go on walkabout right now.

I’m going to try something new for me. I will ask for help. HELP!

Here’s a few of the things I need help with:

  • osCommerce – If you have ever set up an online store with osCommerce, then I could use your help. The learning curve is pretty steep and the online support isn’t that great.
  • non-profit legal assistance – My wife needs some legal assistance filing for non-profit status. She’s put together a good organization for people with chronic illnesses who would like to have the opportunity to explore their musical talents. There are lots of folks who want to get this started, but she needs help filing the necessary papers.
  • getting off the train – If you know me personally, and you read this, call me. If I don’t call you back, call me again.

2 thoughts on “Depression: Third Door on the Left”

  1. Been there and back many times. Asking for help and recognizing where you are is a big first step.

    My first lifeline was the alt support depression faq, especially part 4. Therapy helps, and, if necessary, drugs.

    So does doing and creating things you’re happy about, which for me meant writing and cooking.

    As to commerce and legal assistance, I doubt I could help you much with that. Do you have local tech communities or clubs? Or community centers or so on for the legal stuff. They may be able to help.


  2. I checked out the alt support depression faq part 4 today. There’s a lot of good suggestions.

    I’m hoping to play It’s Alive soon. One of the guys in my game group preordered it.

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