Connect Four

Connect Four is one of those classic games that has been around for over thirty years. Originally published by Milton-Bradley, the game is now marketed by Hasbro. Connect Four is the classic game of four-in-a-row played out vertically in a yellow plastic frame with black and red disks. The game is a wonderful way to introduce some critical thinking into your child’s games. Hasbro has a great flash demonstration on how to play the game. It’s a good simulation and your computer opponent doesn’t make mistakes, so practice your strategy and have fun.

I think we have gone through two Connect Four games in my house, and I must have bought a dozen or so over the years that I kept in my classroom when I was teaching elementary school. The games are pretty inexpensive and can last a long time if you keep them away from children. (That’s a joke, son.)

The game has been solved, so if you are interested in sucking all the joy and fun out of a great game, you can journey here and discover the perfect moves to crush your tiny opponents.

Connect Four is one of those must own games. Buy one, play it, and keep it near the top of the stack in your game cupboard.

PUBLISHER: Milton Bradley
AGES: 7 and up.
TIME: Medium [10 – 30 mins]
PRICE: Medium [$10 – $25]
Gameguy’s rating 1 star = don’t bother ~ 5 stars = must have