Cities on the way

Things have been pretty stinky here for a little while, but I’m hopeful that things will start to look up soon. I am looking forward to receiving my copy of Cities, a very cool tile laying game that I was able to play in January. I ordered a copy as a birthday present for myself. Don’t worry. You didn’t miss it yet.

I wanted a copy of Snow Tails, another game I played at the same event, but alas, the price of that particular race game eluded me. Just in the last week, we’ve have a hard drive fail, a sewer clog, medical issues, and other things that will just go unmentioned.

It not a good time for me. I know my depression is flexing it’s huge biceps around my puny head, but thankfully, I have the benefit of experience on my side. Things have been worse. I know things will likely get better. I have a support system.

And hey, in a few weeks, I’ll get to play Cities again.