Checking My List

I have a list of games that I currently own, but have never played. I know that this is the case for many gamers, and my list is certainly not as long as some others, but I thought I would take the time to look at my list and try and figure out why I haven’t played theses games. Maybe some of them need to be sold to make room for games I will play.

    1. Alibi: This looks like a great little deduction game, but I’m pretty sure I need at least four people to make it work. Maybe I will take it to my in-laws some evening.
    2. Babel: Have you ever read the rules of a game and were so bored by them that you just didn’t want to play the game?
    3. Cave Troll: Another dungeon crawl game with plastic figures in bright colors? Wow, I want to try that right away. I’m sooo excited… Nope. Not working.

  1. China: I’m not sure that this counts as a game I haven’t played because I’ve played Web of Power. I’ve just never played China. Okay, I should just play this and get it off the list. I love Web of Power.
  2. Chrononauts: I’ve played this game as a solo game, but not as a multi-player game. I love the theme, but I’m not that enthusiastic about getting this to the table.
  3. Cosmic Encounter: This is probably second on my list of games to get off my list. Still in shrink. πŸ™
  4. Covert Action: What is this? It looks like a werewolf type game, which could be a lot of fun. I will take it to the next big event I attend.
  5. Dschunke: I bought this when it was on super sale from, but I haven’t taken the time to do the necessary English paste-ups and figure it all out. The only person I know who knows how to play is Mark Johnson, so I may just wait a bit until he and I can sit down with it.
  6. Eketorp: This is at the top of my want to play list. I have no excuse on this one. I just need to take it to game night.
  7. Enemy Chocolatier: If you don’t give me the pieces, I probably won’t play the game. I have learned this now.
  8. Hera and Zeus: I love Richard Borg games, so why not this one? I think this suffers from a bad rule set. I might like it if I could play it with someone who has played it before.
  9. League of Pirates: I bought this for $2.00 at Barnes and Noble. It looks like I wasted $2.00.
  10. Modern Art: Everyone in my game group has apparently played this to death, so I guess I will just have to play this one with my in-laws. That’s not a bad thing. I love my in-laws, and they are very cool. I just have to keep them away from the Crokinole board.
  11. Rage: I love trick taking games. It’s too bad this looks like Uno.
  12. Talisman: I think I played a very early edition of this a couple of decades ago. I need to play this. Anyone???
  13. Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries: I love the regular version so much, I just don’t see myself playing this one. It’s still in shrink and it’s not easy to find. Maybe I will put it on a prize table or just sell it.
  14. Wench: I got this for free when I made a big online order. I got what I paid for. I’m not a drinker and I’m not a fan of skinny bimbos in costumes. Maybe I can just give this one to somebody.
  15. Pocket Rockets: This looks like fun. It’s a short little game where you build rockets. I shouldn’t punish the game for having a bad title.
  16. No Thanks!: Yet another game that my game group has played to death. I will probably play this one pretty soon.
  17. Knock Knock!: I just got this one a couple of months ago. I really like Bruno Faidutti’s games and this seems pretty cute. Unfortunately, I bought Kakerlaken-Poker a week earlier, and they seem so similar. I just need to give this one a try. I’m sure I’ll like it.
  18. Tarantelle Tango: This looks like silly fun. I brought this to a game event, and it got played, but I was playing something else at the time. It’s a rare occasion that I can say, “Hey, let’s play this game where you have to make animal noises!”

How about this? You tell me what I should play first in the comment section and I’ll do my best to get it to the table this coming week. Anything except Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries. That one is bound for either an auction or Doug Garrett’s prize table.

If you’ve played one of these other games and feel like it’s worthwhile, let me know. If you’ve played one of these and you know it’s a pile of crap, even better. Let me know.

Now go forth and game, my friends. Move your small bits of wood around the pretty cardboard diagrams, and rejoice in the friendships and good times that come with it.

3 thoughts on “Checking My List”

  1. Alibi: It’s been too long, so I can’t remember how, but it’s broken.

    Babel: The game is MUCH better than the rules.

    Chrononauts: I like it w/2 players.

    Cosmic Encounter: Leave it in shrink! Play Will’s copy! Sell it after you decide how bad it is!

    Dschunke: I played a couple of times, but it’s one of those M. Schacht games where you can get inadvertently hosed by another player after working 60 minutes to make something happen.

    Eketorp: We actually have a secret plot to NEVER let you play it… just to keep carting it back & forth until the box falls apart.

    Hera and Zeus: I’d try it again, but I wasn’t a huge fan.

    Modern Art: It’s a VERY fragile game… which sucks all of the enjoyment out of it with the wrong group of players. Greg, I think, likes it.

    Rage: “It’s too bad this looks like Uno.” Imagine Uno mated w/a trick-taking game… only the dominant genes were Uno.

    Talisman: I will gladly play this with you.

    Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries: It’s neat, but I like the original game better.

    No Thanks!: It just hasn’t come out recently – it’s still a good, quick game.

  2. Don’t listen to Mark – Modern Art is fantastic with folks who aren’t necessarily gamers because they get into the act of being gallery owners and selling those paintings. Ideally you can pack a tiny easel in the box and display a “painting” when it’s put up for auction. Give it a fancy title, too, and put on a show like a real auctioneer.

    I like Modern Art with both gamers and casual folks, but it’s almost like two separate games because the play experience is so different with each group.

    And yes, play China. No excuse for waiting on that one if you like Web of Power.

  3. @Eric: I love the little easel idea! I’m all over that. I will try it with non-gamers soon.

    @Mark: Okay, so Talisman is on the agenda. I will play Will’s copy of Cosmic Encounter, but I have a feeling I will like it.

    [Update] I played Babel last night and I thought it was pretty good. I would certainly play it again. I also played Kingdoms, which I left off the list for some reason, and I really liked that one.

    [Update] I played Pocket Rockets last night, and you know what? It’s a fun little game. I didn’t expect it to be much of anything, but I will certainly bring that one out more often.

    [Update] I played Chrononauts with my wife. I LOVE the theme. It was more interesting than fun, though. I would still play it again, but the game aspect is lacking I think.

    [Update] I played Cave Troll with my daughter. It is an area control game! It wasn’t bad at all. Those plastic figures need some paint though.

    [Update] Last night, 4-6-2010, I managed to play both Eketorp and No Thanks!

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