Cell Phone Games

Does anyone else ever get delusions of grandeur from their success with a gambling themed casual game? I like to play a Texas Hold’em game on my cell phone called Midnight Poker. It’s available from Gameloft. It’s a pretty fun game and if you work through the levels you get to play against tougher opponents in different casinos.

vi4.jpgI’ve banked about $65,000 from a tournament that I started playing with $500, and so I occasionally get this thought that I could actually play poker someplace and make loads of money. Suddenly, I’m a savvy poker shark that knows all the odds and can read my opponents like an FBI profiler. I live the lifestyle of the professional gambler, roaming with a suitcase full of cash.

I know that this is completely stupid, but the thought leaps unbidden into my brain every so often.

I was just curious if this happens to anyone else.

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