Carnival in the Holy Land

If you haven’t done so already, I would like to invite you to check out the fourth edition of our Game Carnival. A Blog Carnival, differs from an actual carnival in the following ways:

  1. A Blog Carnival is full of useful and interesting information, while a carnival is full of overpriced deep fried food on sticks and cheap novelty items.
  2. A Blog Carnival is the collaborative work of many highly educated individuals, while a carnival is staffed by carnies.
  3. A Blog Carnival is designed to increase traffic between sites and to provide an opportunity for readers to find new blogs, while a carnival is designed to extract money from your wallet.
  4. A Blog Carnival has no odor.

When I found the Blog Carnival site, I was a little disappointed by the existing carnivals that were related to gaming. Completely unencumbered with experience, I started my own carnival and I’m very pleased with how it is growing as each edition is posted.

This edition of the carnival was hosted by Yehuda, and if you have never visited his site, you are missing out. I want you to check out the articles in this edition of the Game Carnival, but if you have some extra time, you should check out some great posts like Five Games You Need To Play To Live Well and How to Stop Wasting Your Life and Start Playing Games.

Please visit the Game Carnival and link to some of the sites you find interesting. If you are interested in hosting the Game Carnival, please contact me.