Card Wrangling

Inserts, bags, magic tape, and tuckboxes keep your cards safe and sound

Some boardgames have a lot of cards, and if you’re like me, you don’t like having cards loose in your games. If your game has a well designed box insert, then there is no problem. You just place the cards in the right spot and you are good to go, but what happens if your box has no insert?

If you want to organize your cards inside of your game box, you have a few options:

Recloseable Poly Bags: I always have tons of these in various sizes. I use them to organize game bits or chits and I will often toss loose cards into a recloseable bag, especially if they are likely to scatter around inside the game box. I also feel like the cards are protected. I have no idea what they are protected from, but I feel like they are safe and sound in their little plastic bag bed. Oh and if you are one of those gamers that uses those snack bags from the grocery store, then I will roll my eyes at you for not trying hard enough. Come on people!

Paper Rings: You know how in the movies cash always comes wrapped in these cool paper rings with big dollar signs on them? You can make rings like that with a strip of paper and a piece of tape. This is a cheap option and it can look very nice in your game box. The only problem is that it can be tough to get the cards back into the little rings once you are done playing. The best way to do this, by the way, is to take half of the stack of cards and then slip them back into the ring and then split that stack in half and slide in the rest of the cards in between the two split stacks. The really sad thing is that I have that information inside of my brain and yet I can’t remember the name of my congressman. Okay, now I know his name because I just looked him up after typing that, but you could ask me something of similar importance and I would not know it, but I damn well know the best method for placing cards inside of a paper ring.

Hugo’s Amazing Tape: This is a non-adhesive, reusable, self-clinging plastic tape that can be used as a card wrap. I was told that this magic tape was originally developed for storing spools of thread so that they wouldn’t unravel. I have no idea if that’s true or not and I don’t really care. I do know that you can use this stuff to keep your cards neat and tidy. Pros: It’s versatile, reusable, and you can cut it to fit your needs. Cons: It’s  a little expensive and some people, like myself, have a really hard time finding the little part to pull on when they want to remove the tape. Then some people, like myself, get frustrated and say things like, “This tape magically sucks! Be amazed as I make it disappear by throwing it in the trash!”

Tuckboxes: I like making tuckboxes for cards. They are not that difficult to put together and I think it looks really nice to have a customized tuckbox even when games have reasonable box inserts. I made a nice tuckbox for my copy of Uruk, which is a small box game with only a few components. It’s unnecessary, but I really like the way it looks. You can often find a pattern for tuckboxes in the file section of a game listing on Boardgamegeek. Just print the pattern on some cardstock and put it together. Use double sided tape instead of glue for best results.

Have a great week and while you are gaming, take some time to talk to your fellow gamers and tell them that you appreciate their friendship. Don’t go overboard because they will likely respond by mocking you. Just say something like, “You know, you people don’t suck as much as regular people, and I am thankful for your company.”

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  1. Which cards does Hugo’s tape bond to? I swear by the stuff and have never had that happen.

    And thanks for bringing up snack bags. I thought I was crazy for making that distinction. Now I know that I was right for judging those snack bag-using losers. 😀

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