Canadian Salad

What is Canadian Salad?

Last night my wife and I went over to have dinner with some good friends of ours. We had a great meal and then did our best to play some cards while the youngsters played as loudly as they could. Our friends Nate and Rachel are fabulous people, and they were the first to introduce us to European style board games like Settlers of Catan. Last night, they wanted to play Canadian Salad.

If you haven’t heard of it, well don’t feel too bad. This is an invented game, that plays in a similar manner to Barbu, but the goals of each round vary wildly. According to Card Games, which is a wonderful resource site, here are some of the particulars to playing Canadian Salad.

  • Low score wins, so you do not want to take points.
  • Game is played like SPADES except there are NO TRUMPS at all, and only twelve hands are played per game.
  • You MUST follow suit lead if possible.
  • On multiple deck games, when two identical winning cards fall, the last one thrown wins trick.
  • One Eyed cards are: Jack of Hearts, Jack of Spades, and King of Diamonds.
  • Even Cards are 2,4,6,8,10,Q
  • If someone manages to catch all cards of interest on a round, they score zero but everyone else scores 100 points. – i.e. All Aces on round 3, or All hearts on round 6, etc. Even on the last round. This does NOT apply to single events such as LAST TRICK and single deck KING OF SPADES scoring.
  • The easiest way to score the last round is too call out what you want, one at a time starting with round 1: Call ‘NO RED CARDS, 5 POINTS EACH’, write down scores as called, then call round 2, etc. continuing to LAST TRICK then add scores. LOW SCORE WINS.

The goals of the each round are as follows:

  1. No Red Cards
  2. No Even Cards
  3. No Tricks
  4. No Hearts
  5. No Face Cards
  6. No Sevens
  7. No Aces
  8. No Queens
  9. No One Eyed Face Cards
  10. No King of Spades
  11. No Last Trick
  12. All of the Above

Check out the great score chart in .pdf that you can print out and use for your game. It shows all the various points for each round and makes it easier to keep track of everything.

If you like games like this, I highly recommend that you try Wizard, a similar trick taking game published by US Games Systems. You can find it at your local game store.

It was a great night, and hey, salad is good for you anyway, right?

Someone needs to make a game about ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Salad”

  1. We played this Canadian Salad that this really cool guy is talking about but we only played with rounds 3,4,8,11 and 12 and had a TOTAL blast!!! Thanks!

  2. I’m excited about a rematch using ALL of the rounds! Can you imagine trying to keep track of all of that for the last round?

    Dinner was great, as usual!

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