Burnout and Stress

I reached a point on Sunday that my stress level was so high I just couldn’t get anything done. I jumped online and played some World of Warcraft, but got frustrated with that after killing angry green rock elementals and 68th level fel demon boars for twenty minutes. My son was running around the living room at mach 2 while acting out the latest episode of Xiaolin Showdown, one of the most bizarre shows on television. (If you haven’t seen this show, it’s pretty zany and the Omi character makes me laugh out loud.) Anyway, I was really having a hard time relaxing.

I took a self-test for burnout I found on MindTools.com. (I got a 56 if you are curious.) They had a lot of good advice, but most of it didn’t seem right for me. I searched for some FREE online guided meditations, and was very pleased with a companny called Meditainment. I recommend the free guided meditation, The Secret Garden. It was very soothing and took only 20 minutes. It’s narrated by some British woman, and she’s has this great Julie Andrews voice. It’s like Mary Poppins stopped by and is talking you through your bad day. Did I mention that it’s free?

I walked through my secret garden and felt refreshed. If you’re feeling like you make be close to burnout or break-down, take a little time and relax. Recharge your batteries and get some rest. I will do the same.