Building a Wall

I’m a fan of game designer Michael Shacht. He tends to create games that are short enough that I can get my family and non-gamer friends to play them, but still interesting enough for me to have a good time.

I went on a mad search for a copy of Michael Shacht’s China. It’s a game I’ve had my eye on for some time now, ever since I was able to play Web of Power, the game on which China is based. Web of Power is long out of print and is too expensive to pick up now as far as I’m concerned, but China is only recently out of print.

I also thought it would fit nicely with my copies of Hansa and California, both great games, also by Michael Shacht, published by the same, now defunct publisher, Uberplay.

Tanga had a few copies up for sale a few days ago, but I didn’t find out about the sale until it was too late. I found a few copies for sale here and there, but I didn’t purchase one because I realized it was suddenly becoming more important to own the game than to play the game. I wanted a copy of China because it would make a nice addition to my collection and would stack neatly with Hansa and California. I really cared about how the damn boxes would look on my shelf! Something had gone horribly wrong.

It’s more important to me to play these games. It’s easy to fall into the role of collector, which is what I’ve done with other hobbies, but I don’t want to collect. I want to play. I want to sit down with someone and laugh and enjoy their company within the social parameters of a good game.

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