I am an educator/programmer/gamer/nerd/super-villain and I would like to tell you a little bit about BrainPOP, an educational program that currently features over 600 animated movies that provide children with standards-based curriculum on a variety of subject areas. My daughter and I were watching some of the videos this morning, and she really enjoyed them and the quizzes that were offered after each topic. The videos feature Tim and his robot, Moby, as they answer questions relating to topics in language arts, mathematics, science, social science, health, fine arts, and technology. The videos are short but packed with easy to follow content and graphics.

I like what I have seen of BrainPOP, but I haven’t signed up for the complete program. That would be like a plumber having someone come to his house and fix a leaky faucet. I am a curriculum specialist with many years of teaching experience both at the elementary and secondary levels. I have a very expensive piece of paper that says I’m a master of mathematics education, and so if my daughter comes home with questions about factoring, I can think of five ways to help facilitate her understanding. However, not everybody has that kind of experience, and that’s where a program like BrainPOP can really help. You can even search for activities based on state standards, if your child is having trouble with a particular skill. BrainPOP is very popular with parents who homeschool their children, and I can see how it would be effective as it is filled with good content and yet has a high interest factor for students.

BrainPOP has won multiple education and media awards, including the Association of Educational Publishers’ Distinguished Achievement Award for Best Educational Website for Children; the top prize at the New York Flash Forward festival; Forbes Best of the Web; and the Media and Methods Awards Portfolio Prize.

If you are interested, I encourage you to use the banner link below or the smaller link in the affiliate column in the upper left of the the site to check out BrainPOP for yourself. Try some of the free videos and then try the free trial offer. Anything with a robot named Moby has to be worthwhile.