Been a Long Time

I’ve never gone so long without a post. This has been a very busy month due to work and other projects, but I think for the most part I can blame it all on boardgames.

I have spent a most of my free time, of which there has been very little, learning new boardgames, playing boardgames with friends and family, or working on my own boardgame that I hope to publish someday.

We’ve taken two family vacations, celebrated a few birthdays, suffered some losses, and dealt with a lot of medical issues.

I’ve connected with old friends that I haven’t talked to in over a decade, and haven’t played World of Warcraft in over a month.

So while there has been little in terms of blogging, there’s been a lot of activity elsewhere. I will get back in the swing of writing very soon, with lots of reviews of all of the great games I’ve been playing and maybe some of my adventures in game design.

2 thoughts on “Been a Long Time”

  1. Well, at least your lack of blogging has been for a good reason! A lot of times I have a lull in blogging because I’m not doing anything worth writing about. You are going out and storing up experiences that you can blog about later. Good on you!

  2. You know what? You are right! I do have a lot to write about now.

    Thanks for sending some positive energy this way. I needed it.

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