Summer vacation stress

It’s the first day of summer, and most kids have been out of school long enough to have some expectations of their summer break. (The first three or four days are spent in a happy meta-cognitive haze of constant self-reminders of what they would be doing right this moment if …

How to Build a Fort

Fort building skills are essential for kids. Whether to provide adequate protection from incoming dirt clods or to provide a secret meeting place to plan out your eventual world domination, a fort is an important stepping stone on the pathway of fun. Forts can be broken down into three basic types: soft, rigid, or the trench.

Fun at Work

If we could all relax and have a little fun every once and a while, we would all feel much better. Here are some helpful hints for having fun at work

* When forced to wear a name-tag at a workshop with people you’ve known for years, make up a good fake name like “Helmut Savage” or something. I once went through a two-day training with “Rex Canyon – Stunt Pilot” on my chest.