Apples to Apples Junior

Apples to Apples Jr. is a wonderful game for the whole family. This was recommended by some friends, and we really had a great time with it. You can be ready to play within minutes of opening the box. In fact, when I read the rules, I thought that it was too simple to be really interesting. I was wrong. Within a few rounds of play, I realized that even though the rules are very simple, there was a lot to this game.

The idea is really simple. Each player gets a set of five red apple cards with nouns like “Cinderella” or “Watermelon” and then the judge turns over a green apple card with an adjective like “pretty”. Players then choose a card from their hand that they feels best represents the concept of “pretty”. Obviously, unless you really dig melons, you would choose “Cinderella” to put face down in the center of the table. The judge then mixes up the cards and then chooses which is the best. Now, this is when it gets good, because you can try and convince the judge to choose one card over the other. The trick is to do so without actually letting them know that is your card. The subtlety of this may escape your seven-year-old, but the adults really got into it. Once the judge chooses, that player gets to keep the adjective (green apple) card and then play continues with the next player taking a turn as the judge. The first person to accumulate five green apples wins.

This game was a big hit at our house, and we are planning on buying the grown-up version as well. The price tag is reasonable and the quick set-up makes it a nice evening game if you have a little bit of time before you put the kids to bed.

PUBLISHER: Out of the Box
PLAYERS: 4 – 10
AGES: 7 and up
TIME: Medium [10 – 30 mins]
PRICE: Reasonable [$10 – $25]
Gameguy’s rating1 star=don’t bother ~ 5 stars=must have

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  1. I was looking at the add on packs as well. We had so much fun with this. Thanks so much for your input.

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