I am a gamer.

Since the blue box days of Dungeons and Dragons, games have been an important to me. I’ve played RPGs, board games, card games, MMORPGs, and CCGs. To me, games are like a vehicle. Games allow people to come together and take a journey. It’s like saying, “Hey, we are going to get in this car or board this train and enjoy the company as we get from point A to point B.” Games are a social contract.

There came a time in my life when it became difficult for me to have fun. I had become embedded in the daily struggles of adult life. I hadn’t forgotten about gaming. I thought about games all of the time. I just didn’t play them.

Here’s what I wrote years ago in the About page of my old blog, Play2Relax:

I began to feel more and more disconnected from that inner source of amusement. Not an “inner child” or anything, but rather the capacity to find joy in everyday life and just play.

I wanted to create a resource to help build my fun capacity, and start to set aside time for play with not only my children, but with my adult friends as well.

Play2Relax was about my struggles to find a place for play in my life. I have moved all of the posts from that blog to this one, and anything you find in the archives from 2011 or earlier are from that blog.

Gameguythinks is more about sharing what I learned through those difficult years. I feel like I have finally reached a good balance in my life. Sure, I still get stressed out about work or paying the bills, but I spend a good amount of my time playing now. I’ve made some great friends because of gaming, not just acquaintances, but lifelong friends.

In Gameguythinks, you can expect to find not only reviews of games, but also articles on gaming culture, being a gaming parent, how-to-guides, and interviews with some of those great people I have found along the way.

Happy gaming,

Jeff Myers