A Month of Thurn and Taxis

I feel like I have to at least acknowledge the fact that I totally sucked at blogging this month. I have no idea why this happened. Most of the time I was busy, and when I wasn’t busy, I just didn’t feel like it. Oh well.

I had a great time with Thurn and Taxis this month. I had the opportunity to play a couple of games face-to-face, and I also played a few games online at Yucata.de. I wasn’t able to play either of the expansions, so I still can’t talk about those, other than the fact that Mark Johnson said that one of them added some interesting elements to the game, but I can’t remember which one he was talking about so that’s entirely useless.

I had my first game of Thurn and Taxis online last month in a two-player match with Johnson. He defeated me easily, but I learned a little from that experience and I know that I got better with each subsequent play. I even won a couple of games.

I think what I enjoy the most about Thurn and Taxis is how everything is so well balanced. You can’t just focus on a single aspect of the game and hope to do well. You have to make sure you are drawing good cards for yourself and keeping good cards away from your opponent if possible. You have to maximize your use of an adviser each turn. You need to watch how the bonus chips are going to change the score. It’s a very interesting little game, I think.

I think that’s all I’ve got, and you’re lucky I managed even this. I have no idea why it’s so hard to write right now. If I choose a game of the month for August, it will be something retro, published prior to 2000, like Settlers of Catan or Bohnanza.

Happy gaming!

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  1. The T&T expansion I’ve got is the first* one, called Power & Glory. For such a grandiose name, it’s really just the same game, only set in northern Germany instead of the southern region of the original game. Besides the alternate map (with similar nice artwork), there’s an optional new mechanic than I’ve ever tried. It’s something about the number of horseshoes shown on the new city cards, which relate to the number of horses in your carriage, the number of cities in your route, or something. I never bothered with it because I think the SdJ-winning original game doesn’t need modification–I just like the alternate map. And you can certainly play the new map with the original rules, like we do.

    Then there was another boxed expansion, All Roads Lead to Rome. Despite the thematic temptation of the historically relevant and compelling title, I heard mostly bad things about this one, so have never bought it. I’m still curious and would welcome an opportunity to try sometime, though. (I don’t think the online T&T implementations at Yucata or BSW include this expansion.)


    * Technically there was a freebie expansion before Power & Glory, but it’s forgettable.

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