A Month of Odin’s Ravens

When I chose Odin’s Ravens as Game of the Month, I thought it was a slam dunk. Here was a two player game that played in under an hour that I remember enjoying enough to really give it some needed attention.

I was surprised at just how quickly I got tired of it. It’s not a bad game by any means, but it really wasn’t something that I wanted to play multiple times in a month.

Maybe the whole Game of the Month idea is flawed, I don’t know. I really enjoyed playing Kingsburg and Patrician for a month, and I really like Reef Encounter, even if i didn’t get to play it that much. It just seemed that the more I played Odin’s Ravens, the less I liked it.

I think the hand management is interesting and the magic way scoring factor makes for some difficult choices, but other than that, the game is pretty average.

Am I wrong here? Did my really horrible month just poison my enjoyment of a great game?

4 thoughts on “A Month of Odin’s Ravens”

  1. I don’t think the idea is flawed. In fact, I think your reaction to Odin’s Ravens proves the point. Not every game really rewards that level of concentration and repeated play. To be honest, I thought that was going to happen with Patrician, yet it surprisingly turned out to have more going on than I first thought.

    I’ve never played Odin’s Ravens, so I can’t comment specifically about that game. But thinking back to my own experiences with GotM’s, sometimes I was glad to move on to something else and sometimes I wish the month lasted another week. Most of the time, I appreciated the deeper exploration of the game but was ready to move on to something else.


  2. Mark’s right – this doesn’t prove the idea is flawed, it proves the idea is worth the effort.

    I think that the times you find out a game really has legs (like what happened with Patrician for you and Kingsburg for me) will more than make up for the times you find out a game isn’t as deep as you’d thought.

  3. Well, MY vote is for Thurn & Taxis, both because I really enjoy it, and because it’s available online at Yucata.de where I can play it with you!

    Though T&T is another good choice for GotM because it has some variations available. The online offering just has the base game, but if you have access to the physical copies then there are a few expansions or variants if that interests you.

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