A Month of Forbidden Island

I picked up a copy of Forbidden Island when I was at Kublacon last month. It was one of the few games I purchased at full retail price, but considering that was only about $16, I felt pretty good about my purchase. I’ve played it ten times since I bought it, and I imagine it will continue to hit the table throughout the summer.

Forbidden Island is a cooperative game for two to four players designed by Matt Leacock, who designed Pandemic.

During the game, the players work together to gather four special artifacts from the island and then escape by helicopter before the island sinks beneath the sea. There is no invididual victory in Forbidden Island. Either everyone escapes with the treasures or everyone dies.

Gameplay is very simple. Players take their actions, draw treasure cards, and then determine which tiles are sinking that turn. Actions include turning in treasure cards to take artifacts, keeping tiles from sinking, and moving around the island. Once a player gathers four treasure cards of a certain type, then that player can journey to a temple tile and get the treasure. Each tile has a card that signals when it needs to be flipped over to the sinking side. If a tile is already sinking and the cards indicate fhat it should be flipped, then the tile is removed from the game.

The game takes about 30 minutes and is recommended for players ages ten and older. My son loves this game and can play it with very little help, so a smart six-year-old will have no trouble.

I think Forbidden Island is a great little game. Go find it somewhere and play it with your family.

3 thoughts on “A Month of Forbidden Island”

  1. I think this is the month I get back into GotM. I’ll have to pick this up soon.

  2. My wife isn’t a strategy gamer but we enjoy co-op video games and she tried and liked Pandemic. So Forbidden Island has been on my radar for awhile. I still have not had the chance to pick it up but your trusted thoughts have helped me decide to get it.

  3. @Tim: I think your wife will like it. It’s easier to set up than Pandemic and it’s easy to modify the difficulty level. My kids like it a lot.

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