2012 in Review

2012 wasn’t the end of the world, but it was no walk in the park. Well, maybe it was a walk in the park if while you were walking in the park, you stepped in dog poop, lost your wallet, got hit in the eye with a football, and threw up in the bushes. It was a year of death, sickness, heartbreak, and frustration. I also played some games with good friends, which helped me meet each new day with a slightly raised brow and an occasional smile, rather than with a white jacket with really long sleeves and lots of buckles.

According to BBG, I played 314 times during 2012. August ended up being the best month for gaming in 2012, with a total of 61 games played; however, April sucked butt with only 8 games played. I don’t see how that is even possible, but maybe I was just really busy that month. Screw you April!
My good friend Mark Jackson continues to gather annual data from gamers to create the five and dime list. Here is my $0.15 for 2012.

Dimes – 10 or more plays
Nickels – 5 to 9 plays

Except for Pig 10 and the Super Hero Squad Game, I would guess that all of the games on this list will continue to see regular play in 2013. I ended up with 47 games that were played 2, 3, or 4 times in 2012.

Strasbourg was a penny in 2012.
Strasbourg was a penny in 2012.

I also ended up with 103 pennies, or games that I played only once in a particular year. Looking over this list, I find that most of the games can be separated into games I play annually because of special occasions like Halloween or the pirate party, games I played once and decided that once was probably enough, old favorites that don’t make it to the table often enough, and games I enjoyed but don’t have the opportunity to play. I won’t waste keystrokes on the special occasion games or the games I didn’t like, but I will talk about the old favorites and the games I would love to add to my collection.

Some of the old favorites that only made it to the table once were Alhambra, Can’t Stop, Citadels, Diamant, For Sale, Patrician, and Ra: The Dice Game. Take notice 2013, all of those games will see more than one play under your watch, especially For Sale and Can’t Stop. My wife and I just played Citadels this evening.
There were a few games that I really enjoyed but I played them at a convention or an out of town gathering, and I don’t have access to a copy. Chief among those that I plan on acquiring soon are Mord im Arosa, a clever listening based deduction game and Las Vegas, a dice roller from Rüdiger Dorn. I’ve been waiting for months now for these to fall into my lap somehow, but it doesn’t look likely. I suppose I will just order them.
I’m happy to move on to a new year and some new game design projects. I hope everyone had a better year than I did, and is looking forward to rolling dice and pushing cardboard in this shiny new year ahead of us.