The Doubleclicks

Jeff Myers —  July 18, 2014 — 2 Comments

This last weekend I was able to take my wife and son to see the nerdtastic musical mega-duo, The Doubleclicks, who performed at my friendly neighborhood game store, The Crazy Squirrel. The Doubleclicks, Angela and Aubrey Webber, are sisters who use their amazing musical powers for good as they travel the country, performing wherever nerds will gather, bringing smiles, granting wishes and handing out free burritos. I made those last two things up.

Aubrey (L) and Angela (R) Webber, “The Doubleclicks.”

Aubrey (L) and Angela (R) Webber, “The Doubleclicks.”

They write songs that are all at once snarky, geeky and sweet. I lifted that right out of their press bio, because it’s a perfect description. It’s like that crazy sweet/salty thing. You get really catchy melodies from two very talented musicians, along with lyrics that are so clever and have so much geek-cred, you’ll wish you had written them. Continue Reading…

Auf Achse

Jeff Myers —  June 25, 2014 — 2 Comments

Auf AchseI’ve been lucky to have some good friends who are usually very enthusiastic about helping me out with my quest to review all of the Spiel des Jahres winners. I say usually because when I inquired about Auf Achse, there was a cacophony of groans and a few outright wails. I heard comments like, “That was one of the first Euros that I tried, and it almost kept me out of the hobby” and “Ugh, you are on your own with that one.”

How could an SdJ winner elicit such negativity? I’ve played some winners that weren’t exactly my style, but I’ve never played a Spiel des Jahres winner that I absolutely hated. I’m not in a big hurry to play Focus again, but I didn’t hate it. Surely, a game about driving a cargo truck around Germany can’t be that bad, right?

Auf Achse, which according to my Langenscheidt Pocket German Dictionary means “On the move”, is a pick-up and deliver game designed by German designer all-star, Wolfgang Kramer, who gave us such monuments of gaming goodness like Tikal, Top Secret Spies, and The Princes of Florence. Kramer has won the SdJ more times than any other designer and Auf Achse was his first back in 1987. I played a copy of the revised edition produced by Schmidt back in 2007. I have no idea what was revised. Maybe they added more truck flavor to the original recipe. They probably should have added a chimpanzee, because if I’ve learned anything from pop culture, it’s that trucks and apes go together like frosting and Graham crackers. Continue Reading…